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  UserName GamerTag Wins Losses Win Percentage
killuminatixHR killuminatixHR 36 59 0.3789 %
Chill DeepHall 31 23 0.5741 %
Vindiction Vin_Dicti0n 31 80 0.2793 %
BurgerCOD Feioy 25 17 0.5952 %
exclusives Exclusives-_- 21 0 1.0000 %
Tuttuhl Tuttuhl 21 4 0.8400 %
Zinkyu GetPredicted-_- 19 12 0.6129 %
EDazzle EDazzle- 18 3 0.8571 %
Vera AgentVera 18 5 0.7826 %
Neupro NNeupro 18 9 0.6667 %

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4v4 Fortnite 8 Team Exclusive

4v4 Fortnite 8 Team Exclusive

March 20 2018 08:00 pm


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So here it is... Send referrals to using your personal referral link (which can be found on your "MY PROFILE,") when you reach 300 you get a Free Custom Jersey! There is no limit for how how many any one person can win, as long as all the referrals are legitimate players (as defined by Tzar Games Terms of Service )...So if you have a following, or just a super popular awesome person and have a thousand friends and want some Free badass swag, then hit us up!!! haha Just in case you need further help finding your referral link please refer to Tzar Games FAQ Page. Above your referral link you will see Referral Count: here you will see how many players you have referred!..

Current Top 10 Leaders

  UserName Referrals
Twitchkatana1988 57
ThatKezz 37
supcreators 35
Vindiction 21
iamfinney 14
v1960 11
Bizzoyce 6
KineticeSports97 6
Metsuga 5

Fortnite Tourneys Are HERE!

Fortnite tournaments are live! With the innovative thinking team here at Tzar Games, we have created a way to competitively play fortnite esports! This means ladders, tournaments, and skill based challenges $$$!

Overwatch Competitive Play Is Here!

Check out our Overwatch competitive gaming: play matches, join in on future tournaments, share your Twitch's and enjoy all Tzar Games have to offer with OW for PlayStation4, XboxOne and pcgaming! Let us know what you think: what do you love, what do you hate, where can we add or take away to make our rules and settings the best to play?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Anyone?

Not wanting to leave Tzar Games Xbox360 and Playstation3 fans out, we've add competitive CS:GO and will be focusing on adding more games, setting, special features and better rules for the games that are already live! With only PS3, PC and Xbox360 gamers in mind, so feel free to share your opinions with us here, there, social media, billboards or smoke signals and we'll get it done! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is and has been one of the most popular games on several platforms and consoles, with over 10 Million Unique players last month and has been around for more than 18 years! With a huge old and new competitive gaming following, so no matter your skill or experience level, there is a spot for you!